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Welcome to the 1st Gallinishee Art Exchange!

This is a group related Nishee ( Upgrade ) Art Exchange Event!

So here is what we're gonna do for this Art Exchange:

- To participate in this Event you must have either an adopted Nishee or MYO Nishee w/completed (and approved) reference. Only visual references are required to participate in this event, and it does not matter if you have not come up with your Nishee's given background or magical powers just yet. Such details are always helpful, but not required.

- Must be a Member of the Group Nishee-CeeSee-Corner

- This is an Art Exchange meaning personally made pieces of your assigned Nishee exchange. While the general use of Bases are allowed Doll Maker images are NOT permitted.

- Each exchange must be full body, colored and shaded in order to Earn your Upgrade. While flat colored images will be accepted without penalty it will not earn you an Upgrade. Simple type of background such as gradients or textures suggested (try not to leave a white canvas).

- Traditional and Digital mediums are permitted.

- Each participant who completes their half of the exchange before the deadline will earn themselves one (1) of the below listed upgrades for their own Nishee. You can earn up to two (2) upgrades during this event.

- These upgrades can be applied to a current Nishee, or held to be applied as a "coupon" towards a future MYO Nishee.

- Once sign-ups have closed each participant will randomly be assigned their exchange via note, along with an optional second exchange assignment. The second assignment is simply extra credit where the participant can earn an additional reward if completed before the end of the event.

- 1st Assignments are not a secret and a listing will be posted. 2nd Optional Assignments are a secret! Do not give it away until you finish your optional second piece.

- Oh, and so I know you read through the journal please use one of these words when signing up for the exchange; meow, mew, purr, or purreowl. Switch it up so those who didn't read don't catch on ;3

- All participants MUST complete their 1st Assignment by the given deadline. Anyone who does not complete their assignment will be BANNED from future events. Let's not have to come to that. Again, 2nd assignments are optional.

Sign-up Deadline: Saturday September 9th 2017 midnight'ish

How to Sign-up for the Art Exchange: REPLY to the featured comment below "SIGN-UP HERE" with the following information and links...

- Nishee's Name (and Nickname if applicable)
- Thumbnail or Link to the Nishee Adopt or Reference
- Briefly describe the Nishee's given personality or expression
- Would you like to see your Nishee drawn  Au Naturel or Clothed (if no clothing reference available please briefly describe their style or link to examples)?

Exchange Deadline (to earn an Upgrade): Sunday October 8th 2017 midnight'ish

Extended Deadline (will not earn an Upgrade but will not be penalized): Sunday October 15th 2017 midnight'ish

Once your Exchange has been Completed submit your piece to the appropriate group gallery over at Nishee-CeeSee-Corner and drop a comment below with link.

Current Participants

- theNekk with Ovanna
- Diluculi with Patricia
- NekoChanTheKitty  with Ramissu (Missu/Missy)
- wandering-kotka with Kiya
- Jateshi with Flara
- TragicFangirl with Malalai
- cosmicmoths with Sunila
- ArtBySnow with Aerie
- TenshiNeera with Ceres
- Wildnature03 with Klarise
- ReekaRose with Kya
- Sami-Fire with Myra
- Re-Pyper with Esra
- LadyDragonKia  with Opal
- hiddengardenia with Katrina

Did you submit an entry but your name does not appear on the list? Please review your submission, first, to ensure you followed all the steps. Edit your comment if necessary. I will review old comments for corrections periodically and update the participant list accordingly.

Oh, did I forget to mention everyone who completes their 1st Exchange will be entered into a Raffle at the end of the Event for a chance to win a Custom Pure Enlighten Nishee? AND if you completed your 2nd Exchange before the first deadline you will earn +1 entry!

Assignments [ and status ]

>> wandering-kokta [pending]
>> Secret #2 [pending]

>> cosmicmoths [ [ COMPLETE ] ] +1 Reward / +1 Raffle ticket
>> Secret #2 Sami-Fire [ [ COMPLETE ] ] +1 Reward / +1 Raffle ticket

>> Diluculi [ [ COMPLETE ] ] +1 Reward / +1 Raffle ticket
>> Secret #2 cosmicmoths [ [ COMPLETE ] ] +1 Reward / +1 Raffle ticket

>> LadyDragonKia [ [ COMPLETE ] ] +1 Reward / +1 Raffle ticket
>> Secret #2 [pending]

>> NekoChanTheKitty [ [ COMPLETE ] ] +1 Reward / +1 Raffle ticket
>> Secret #2 [pending]

>> hiddengardenia [ [ COMPLETE ] ] +1 Reward / +1 Raffle ticket
>> Secret #2 [pending]

>> Wildnature03 [pending]
>> Secret #2 [pending]

>> TragicFangirl [ [ COMPLETE ] ] +1 Reward / +1 Raffle ticket
>> Secret #2 [pending]

>> Jateshi [ [ COMPLETE ] ] +1 Reward / +1 Raffle ticket
>> Secret #2 Wildnature03 [ [ COMPLETE ] ] +1 Reward / +1 Raffle ticket

>> Re-Pyper [ [ COMPLETE ] ] +1 Reward / +1 Raffle ticket
>> Secret #2 LadyDragonKia [ [ COMPLETE ] ] +1 Reward / +1 Raffle ticket

>> TenshiNeera [ [ COMPLETE ] ] +1 Reward / +1 Raffle ticket
>> Secret #2 Diluculi [ [ COMPLETE ] ] +1 Reward / +1 Raffle ticket

>> ReekaRose [ [ COMPLETE ] ] +1 Reward / +1 Raffle ticket
>> Secret #2 [pending]

>> theNekk [pending]
>> Secret #2 [pending]

>> Sami-Fire [ [ COMPLETE ] ] +1 Reward / +1 Raffle ticket
>> Secret #2 [pending]

>> ArtBySnow [ [ COMPLETE ] ] +1 Reward / +1 Raffle ticket
>> Secret #2 Jateshi [ [ COMPLETE ] ] +1 Reward / +1 Raffle ticket

Event Upgrade rewards available:
Each participant who completes at least one (1) exchange by the event close will have the option of any of the following Unique Rare Traits! Earn up to two (2) upgrades!

- Upgrade any one (1) trait or body up one (1) rarity level status, excluding Enlighten traits (ie: Common > Uncommon, Uncommon > Rare)
- Upgrade any one (1) Rare Body or Tail to an Uniquely Rare Flower or Plant type (+60 Magical Ranking)
- Upgrade any one (1) Rare Wings to an Uniquely Designed butterfly or fairy type pair of Wings (+60 Magical Ranking)
- Upgrade any one (1) Rare Ears to an Uniquely Designed pair of Ears (+60 Magical Ranking)
- Uniquely Rare Dark MYO Color Scheme (+60 Magical Ranking) (upgrade limited to unfinished or future adopt MYO Nishee, only.)
- Upgrade to Rare Two-Tone eyes, or Unique Pupils, or No Pupils (+60 Magical Ranking)

FAQs If you have any questions not answered here feel free to leave a comment below.
Q: I haven't finished my purchased MYO Nishee (from the April 2017 Event & Raffle) just yet. Will I still be able to participate?
A: Yes, and no. You have until the "sign-up" deadline to get your MYO Reference completed and submitted for approval. If you are unable to obtain approval by that date you will not be eligible to participate.

Q: I own more than one (1) Nishee. Can I join with all of them?
A: Yes. You may offer up any and all of your adopted Nishee for the event, but only one is guaranteed to be drawn.

Q: I only use traditional methods in my art, will that be a problem?
A: Absolutely not. The art exchange can be completed using Traditional or Digital methods as long as the image meets the minimum requirements.

Q: I finished my first Exchange and would like to do a second. May I?
A: While I can not guarantee you will received a 2nd exchange piece in return you are welcome to complete up to two (2) Nishee pieces. Each participant has been pre-assigned their 2nd Optional assignment. You will not, however, earn additional Event Upgrades if you draw a 3rd piece, or a Nishee you were not assigned.

Q: Do I have to use the earned Upgrade on my Nishee if I don't want to?
A: Absolutely not. If you are perfectly happy with your Nishee as is you do not have to apply the Upgrade. You may save your earned Upgrade as a "coupon" to be applied to a future adopt or MYO Nishee, depending on the Upgrade you choose. You must, however, pick your earned Upgrade trait at this time so it can be recorded.

Have fun!

_ . _ . _ . _ . _ . _ . _ . _ . _ . _ . _ . _ . _

Join us over at Nishee-CeeSee-Corner for future Gallinishee adopts and other events!

:iconsenshiofeternity: :icongarnetlovesrose:

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